Preliminary Space Access 2019 Conference Agenda

Updated 1/8/19

(We've just gotten started - this list represents perhaps a third of the final SA2019 three-day program)

Stay tuned to for overall conference info and many excellent program additions in the coming weeks.


We plan Subject Concentrations this year on

  • SmallSat Launch Startups
  • Commercial Lunar Cargo Companies

Participants for both currently being recruited - if you haven't yet heard from us, talk to us!


Confirmed speakers/presentations so far:

  • Paul Breed/Unreasonable Rocket will discuss Development Of A Low-Cost Modular Launcher
  • Bill Bruner
  • Mitchell Burnside Clapp
  • CubeCab
  • EXOS Aerospace/John Quinn
  • Jeff Greason of Electric Sky will discuss Some Advanced Power Transmission & Space Propulsion Concepts
  • John Schilling will discuss Earth Orbit, Cislunar & Mars Practical Payload Capabilities Of Current & Near-Term Launchers
  • Henry Spencer & Henry Vanderbilt will discuss Some Likely Characteristics Of Usefully Faster Near-Term Inner Solar-System Space Transports
  • Jess Sponable will discuss Project History & Management Lessons From DC-X, X-40, and XS-1
  • Tethers Unlimited
  • Vector Launch


Panel Discussions Planned So Far

  • Space Startup Party Fouls - Common Startup Errors & How To Avoid Them, as seen by Rocket People (There are a thousand books that will tell you what Venture Capital people look for. Rocket people, not so much...)
  • NewSpace Meets Milspace - Both are evolving fast, with overlaps (both business and operational) likely growing with time. Some discussion of what the shared spaces may look like.

plus the usual flavoring of

  • Talks Not Directly Access-Related But That We Think Are Really Cool

not least of these being a

  • Space Studies Institute Hosted Session covering SSI's focus area of How To Get Things Done Once There, technology and business aspects of habitats, power generation, resource extraction, manufacturing etc.